Are you ready?

By August 18, 2016 Books, Life

You’ve seen the hints here.





I’m such a tease.

DSC_0681 - Version 2


But I do like to keep my promises: my food memoir is finally here.


You love the sweet life as much as I do.



And visiting those places that always go hand in hand with pie.



You’re always wanting to expand your repertoire.


You love bringing out those special candles. I do too.


You weep a tiny tear after each child’s birthday, when the last guest has left and there’s sparkles all over the floor.

Kate dinosaur cake

Barney bday


Maybe your life doesn’t leave you any room for reading, or lining up peaches in a row.



You might still dream though, about those days in your childhood when Sundays were for pancakes, Fridays for squishing every one of us on the couch, and every day was play day with your cousins.

Scan 37


Everyone has a ritual lover in their family.

Is it you? This book is yours. After August 26th, you can order your copy here. I’ll have them delivered to your doorstep before the leaves drop this fall.